Here at Tiaras & Tales, we believe in the power of magic. Children who enter our studio are greeted with love, and our fairies strive to provide the best experience possible for them. With a curriculum that blends the capability of a child found in Montessori, with the wonder of imagination found in Reggio programs, your child is guaranteed to leave the experience filled with joy.

We completely believe that this can be messy! Learning to use fine china, exercise patience, and not spill tea are all skills that children have not yet mastered. We aren’t here to judge! Instead, we are here to give them somewhere they can practice these skills, in a safe and caring environment. Parents have told us, ‘But my child would be a bull in a china shop!’ and to that we say, ‘Bring them anyway!’ You may be surprised by the level of care and thought your child can exercise. At Tiaras & Tales, we appreciate that practice makes perfect – but until then, there’s bound to be some hiccups!

Our sessions emphasize literacy, manners and social skill development, executive function practice, and most of all, imagination and wonder! This is the basis of all our classes and parties, and the philosophy we remember for all children that walk through our doors. Come visit us and see for yourself!