About Us


Meet The Fairy Godmother

Hello! My name is Gloria. I spent 20 years in corporate Australia, managing the licensing and merchandising rights for high profile children's entertainment brands such as Thomas The Tank Engine, Angelina Ballerina, Nickelodeon, Marvel and Star Wars.

I traveled the world with an array of buyers to create 'must have' retail product plans, which would send parents broke during the holidays! 

With the birth of my second child, I decided to be a stay at home mum. The travel and commitment away from my kids just wouldn’t work. In order to facilitate our needs, my American  then husband and I moved to the US. 

Since then, I’ve been a stay at home mum, which meant being creative! We painted nails and make up, had tea parties, face painting, reading, dressing up, and much more. My daughters' friends loved coming to our house, to experience wholesome imaginative play. 

My daughter started Pre-K last year, and I found myself wanting to return to the work force. I really loved being at home with my children (even if it was the most exhausting job I have ever done) And, I couldn’t see myself going back into presentations and travel for work. I wanted to work WITH the children, not in the background on the commercial side. 

The commercial side is where I got the idea for Tiaras and Tales. Combining knowledge of children’s entertainment brands, and strategies for children's merchandise/marketing, I started work-shopping ideas to get kids off a screen and back into imaginative play, incorporating reading, art and most importantly fun! 

So with a sprinkle of fairy dust, and a wave of a check book, 

Tiaras and Tales was born.